While uniforms, in general, have a range of benefits, tailor-made uniforms can add further comfort, style, and industry-related benefits to your employees or students. Atlas Infiniti has years of experience working with a number of industries to develop uniforms that cater to their branding and needs. From schools, corporate chains to factory owners, and hospital management, we have designed homogeneous wear for all. 

Here are some key features of our tailor-made uniforms:

  • Quality Finishing: Over the years, we have designed and fulfilled the needs of many of our clients who wanted a tailor-made uniform for their staff, in Mumbai and worldwide. We’re there for them throughout the process and make sure they get quality finished products that are built to last. Our tailors are well-trained to make any kind of uniform – pants, shirts, t-shirts, coats, dresses, skirts, and vests. 
  • Custom-Made: All the uniforms are custom-fit to each of your employees/ students’ measurements. Our tailors are experienced in creating a swift process for our clients so they can leave all their worries on us once the order has been placed. Further, we have a female tailor on board who has an expert approach to fit the uniform to a female body and cater to their individual preferences, if any. 
  • Exclusive Identification: With our seamless designs and on-point tailoring, your employees/ students can benefit from their uniforms – both in terms of comfort and identity. The tailor-made uniforms will make them stand out from the rest. Moreover, having comfortable wear will make them appreciate their outfits more and give them a reason to wear them daily, apart from the obligation. 
  • Trendy: Times are changing. Who said a corporate uniform can’t be trendy and stylish? It just depends on what material and design you’ve decided to pick for the uniform. You can have a thorough conversation with our designer on the style of uniform you’re looking for. Once that’s done, we can custom design and print the fabrics as per the guidelines and branding provided. 


A quick look into how tailor-made uniforms can help your business

Tailor-made uniforms instill a better sense of unity, branding, and trust in your employees and students. A trendy and stylish uniform also projects a unified brand image in the minds of a consumer. This strengthens your brand image and gives you leverage in this competitive market. Additionally, having a dress code gives your employees/ students the liberty to not stress their minds on what to wear to their work on any given day. All in all, a uniform can strengthen brand identity, boost customer trust, foster unity, offer functional benefits and make employees/ students’ life easier by narrowing down their outfit choices.  

With years of experience in this industry, our expertise and risk management can quickly match your level of professionalism. We’ll be with you throughout the entire experience – designing, basic measurements, cutting, stitching, and packing. Moreover, our strategically integrated services help with proper management and adhere to client detailed specification, wherever applicable.