Work cargo pants, were originally designed for heavy working environments, but now have risen to the top of wish-lists for both men and women. The pants were originally worn by British military personnel in 1938, as part of their Battle Uniforms. The original design featured a pocket on the side of the thigh, and one on the front of the hip. In the 1940s the US military adopted the use of cargo pants as part of the uniform for paratroopers, as the side pockets offered easy access to ammunition.

Today, you can find work cargo trousers of varied styles and colors.

Although the origins may be slightly different, there are some similarities noticed between cargo pants and blue denim jeans. They were both designed to be worn in tough working environments, and were built primarily for durability.

Nowadays, you may find cargo work pants showing up in unexpected places, because they are versatile and flexible. What is most interesting about both items, is although, they have been adopted as high fashion pieces, they have not lost the association with the working class, which can help to contribute to the universal appeal.

Work cargo trousers have been worn with worker boots, as well as spike heels or studded shoes. The biggest benefit may be derived from the fact that they offer multipurpose use and remain very affordable. Depending on your personal preference, the styles can be a baggy look, or a tailored fit and both are built to last. The versatility goes beyond the fashion, as your pants must provide for unrestricted freedom of movements.

Safety features

Another important feature of cargo pants, is that they can offer safety features that are often needed in the workplace. Some are made with fast-dry or moisture-resistant fabrics, while others are others are made with fire-resistant composites.

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