Schools and uniforms are so closely associated that it is impossible to separate them even in imagination. Though some schools give have relaxed norms regarding uniforms especially to kids studying in Kindergarten, a uniform is compulsory from the first standard onwards.

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What is the rationale behind the school uniform?

The uniform has been a part and parcel of school life since ages, and there are multiple reasons in favor of it.

It brings a sense of equality:

The biggest impact of the uniform is that it brings a feeling of equality among all. Since the colors, patterns, designs, and quality is almost identical, students do not develop any feelings of inferiority or superiority based on what they wear. There isn’t any noticeable difference and that creates harmony and accord.

It helps in identifying the kids easily:

Since every school has a unique and distinguishable uniform, it is very easy to identify students from a particular school. Since uniforms are stitched as per standard guidelines, there is no need of looking at the dressing aspect. A uniform is the identity of a school. Customized school uniforms are prepared by expert uniform manufacturers in Mumbai, based on the brand identity and school philosophy explained to them.

It is cost-saving:

Supporters of school uniforms say that parents are required to buy only two or three sets of school uniform for the entire year. If students are allowed to wear clothes of their choice, parents will be forced to buy multiple sets. Hence, a one-time expenditure is always better.

Why do some people find it irrational?

Certain people think that a uniform is an unnecessary burden on parents and students. There is no need of forcing people to buy a certain set of clothes. They feel it totally absurd and an irrational concept just being followed to benefit uniform manufacturers in Mumbai. Opponents of school uniform give a few points to support their stand.

The biggest hindrance in their point of view is the cost. Since school uniforms are specialized dresses that follow a particular design, pattern, and color; it is not possible to get it at a reasonable cost. Usually, there are specific shops that sell uniforms at the price decided by them. Good schools do not force parents to buy from a specific shop. However, there are very few options, and there is no different in the prices. It is an inevitable expenditure for parents. Hence, schools should allow students to wear clothes of their choice. There should be guidelines to maintain the decorum though.

They have another reason to oppose it. Since kids grow pretty fast, the uniforms need to be replaced by the end of every session. Parents are financially overburdened as the new session opens. Purchase of school uniform becomes a perpetual expense. Moreover, some schools have a different uniform on some specific days of the week. This is also an unnecessary expense.

However, positive aspects of school uniforms are much higher than the negative ones. Hence, they remain the integral part of children’s education!

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