Corporate Uniform Manufacturers

Why does a corporate office decide uniform for employees? It is because the uniform carries an image of the company. The employees look fashionable and smart, and they feel proud to be associated with a great company.

Atlas Infiniti is a leading manufacturer of corporate uniforms that reflects professionalism and grace. The magnificently stitched uniforms by us are not only flawless, but they carry an everlasting impression of your employees.

We supply the whole range of formal corporate uniform globally. With the profound experience in the niche, we pick the best colors and styles that match the corporate identity. The flexibility of wash and wear make our uniforms easy to carry and maintain.

When you want to create a corporate identity, the uniform must contribute to it. We work on the design specs minutely and come out with perfect designs for you.

Atlas Infiniti assures you best services and superior quality always.

Hospital Uniform Manufacturers

Atlas Infiniti is an established supplier of top-quality uniforms for those who render their services in the healthcare field. Our team studies the needs of individual client and tailor uniforms accordingly.

There are two aspects considered while designing hospital uniforms. The uniform should reflect the work standards and offer utmost comfort.

Use of top-quality fabrics, high standards of stitching, and perfection in designing; these qualities stand out Atlas Infiniti differently from others.

We are expert in stitching hospital uniforms. With our professional approach and flexibility, we can quickly understand the expectations and needs of our clients.

Comfortable and long-lasting hospital uniforms are designed by our specialists. We know that the requirements of hospital professionals are special. Hence, we keep it in mind while designing and stitching.

Hotel Uniform Manufacturers

Those who work in hotel and hospitality industry need to be presentable and fresh round the clock. For that, it is essential that the uniforms are customized as per their necessities.

Atlas Infiniti is the one-stop solution where the clients get unique numbers of designs and styles for those working in the hotel industry.

While designing we ensure that the uniforms offer a smart look without compromising comfort and ease of maintenance.

Our experienced designers carry a rich experience of conceptualizing different varieties of uniforms. Therefore, every assignment carried out by us serves beyond expectations. From front-desk executives to housekeeping employees, and chefs to security guards; we make superior uniforms for everyone.

Sophisticated and comfortable, stylish and long-lasting, smart and machine washable uniforms by Atlas Infiniti are suitable for the hotel industry.

Your hotel attains high levels of professionalism when the staff serves the guests well. We ensure that the uniform gives your team a great comfort so that they concentrate on their duties.

Facility Management Uniform Manufacturers

The job of those who work in facility management is the toughest one. Therefore, the uniform should also be rugged and long-lasting.

At the same time, it should be presentable and stylish. It is a challenge to design uniform that contains all these qualities.

However, Atlas Infiniti has a capable team of designers who accept the challenge and come out with the best-quality facility management uniforms.

The perfect uniforms stitched by us use design parameters that make them comfortable. Also, the right fabric is selected which is easy to clean and maintain.

Our designers spend sufficient time in studying your requirements and then suggest uniforms that make the facility management staff happy and comfortable.

Your facility management staff deserves high-quality uniforms. Give the task of designing to us, and we assure you that you will get a quality that is beyond your expectations.

School Uniform Manufacturers

The word uniform has an inseparable association with the word school. Yes, the school uniform is the first uniform in the life of everyone. The image of the school is reflected by it.

Atlas Infiniti is well-known for conceptualizing and stitching smart and elegant uniforms of all varieties.  Style, comfort, and elegance are three essential things that our designers consider while carrying out the assignment. We are confident about our expertise and quality standards.

We make sure that the school uniforms made by us are easy to wash and comfortable to wear. They are sturdy enough to sustain the pressures of sports activities and decent in appearance.

Get superior quality uniforms from Atlas Infiniti; we assure that you will get value for money.

Industrial Uniform Manufacturers

The requirements in an industrial environment are different. While designing uniforms for an industrial client, our experts spend enough time analyzing the needs of the client.

The unfavorable and tough work environment in a manufacturing unit require the fabric to be sturdy and long-lasting. It should be comfortable and safe to wear and easy to clean.

With our understanding of the different industrial environment, we quickly conceptualize the perfect uniform that is not just elegant but displays the corporate values as well.

The color choices are limited here, so we try to make them as stylish as possible without compromising safety regulations. It is a difficult task to achieve everything, but our expert designers do it using their best designing skills. Each specification is considered in the design.

Atlas Infiniti is amongst the preferred names in the world of uniform manufacturers and suppliers. We are acclaimed for high product quality, professionalism, and perfection.

Accessories & Corporate Gift Suppliers

Atlas Infiniti is not only an expert manufacturer and supplier of good-quality uniforms but also supplies a wide range of accessories for schools, industries, and corporates.

Whether it is a helmet or a pair of gloves, footwear or safety eyewear, laptop bag or travel pillow, T-shirt or cap; we make sure that you get the best always.

Our designers work on each item and produce as per your needs. When the items need branding, we work in close coordination with your team so that the design and specifications of your brand reflect in the accessories.

Our clients get more than satisfied when they receive high-quality goods with perfection. The quality of accessories makes a good image of your organization. We make them better than the best.