Corporations are a big part of the world today and they incorporate within themselves not just organized businesses but also personnel inherent to the prosperity of their business. This said the first step is hiring and retaining personnel with good corporate thinking reflected in their work and corporate wear. The understanding of this concept is simple “You have to look the part to get it” and whether it is first impressions or everyday administration corporate wear plays a very important part in developing your image.


Beyond visual appearance

Corporate Attire does not just build your image superficially or fundamentally. It gives a glance at the psychology of the personnel. The type of formals you wear is a peek in the kind of worker you are and this is the thought process adapted by Atlas Infinity when giving you the options in corporate wear. The idea of dressing up for the job works two ways- one for the employer and the other for the employee.
The employer looks for the meticulous, creative and dependable and sure enough, the first opinion is formed by the attire.
On a similar note, corporate wear boosts confidence and a feeling of self-worth in the wearer.
Today the choices present in office fashion are ample and unrestricted to old rules of corporate wear. In most cases the wearer is unaware of these options and is put at a further disadvantage when these options remain non-existent or sparse. Atlas Infinity understands this unavailability and makes up for it by providing you with the opportunity to evaluate which corporate attire suits you the best and what brings out your work style. Whether you want crisp corporate wear or work casuals, whether you want to stick to the traditional black and white or whether you want to work with pastels for a more chic comfortable worker vibe we provide you with sufficient choices to make that decision for yourself.

Dress code essentials

The Fit: The first and foremost requisite for great corporate wear is the fit. No matter how expensive your buttoned shirt is, it will never make an impact unless it is fitted. Corporate wear that fits to a T is what makes the difference and sets you apart from the crowd.
Detailing: If you think stripes, checks or dots are the only patterns detailed in corporate wear think again. Trends right from retro to modern can be mixed and matched to give you your custom wok vibe.

Accessories: Apart from the dramatic big things, the small things you do also matter. Statement add-ons to your everyday corporate wear such as that eye-catching tie, that awe inspiring belt hones your image at your workplace more than you think.

Corporate wear ensures you market your skill and expertise in the arena with comfort as well style. Atlas Infinity brings you all your demands at one place while at the same time keeping in mind the quality, trend and statement you would like to maintain.