The uniform is a unique sort of clothing that is used to indicate a person’s participation in an organization or job. A uniform is used to identify a person in a public setting. In India, uniforms have been typically worn by school children, police officers, military personnel, hospitality and medical staff. Uniforms are also increasingly being used in the Corporate world and in factories and other industries.

History of Uniforms

For a long time, uniforms have been in use all across the world in various capacities. Soldiers in ancient kingdoms were the first to wear uniforms. They wore a specific sort of clothes that assisted them to be recognized. Having everyone in a group dress alike provides a sense of unity and equality between them. As long as everyone wears the same outfit, it doesn’t matter what their socio-economical backgrounds are.

A uniform has a purpose

In addition to maintaining a professional appearance, uniformed staff appear more pleasing to clients. Also, a uniform  reduces the likelihood of an employee wearing unsuitable work clothes.

Certain occupations demand a high risk environment. Encouraging the use of protective clothing among such workforce helps ensure their safety and motivates employees to achieve more.

A uniform also serves a marketing purpose because your personnel wear uniforms with your brand name and emblem. As they make their way to and from work, they encounter several challenges. Their uniform is a marketing tool for your business or organization because of the large number of people they come into contact with daily.

Wearing a uniform has many advantages

Employers’ psychological well-being and workplace conflict can be favorably affected by wearing a uniform, which fosters a sense of togetherness and uniformity.

As a first impression, having personnel wear a branded uniform can help them be recognized by clients. This reduces miscommunication and  it allows customers to know exactly who they need to speak with.

It’s also vital to note that in some cases, the uniform is simply a requirement of the industry for your business to be relevant. However, it’s a fantastic way to encourage safety and uniformity in the workplace, so it’s worth doing.

Types of Uniforms

As you can see, there are several advantages of wearing a uniform. As a result, uniform production is a significant industry. Atlas Infiniti is a leader in supplying uniforms in Mumbai and all over India. We manufacture and supply uniforms of the following categories:

Corporate Uniforms

To meet the needs of organizations and businesses, we offer a wide range of corporate uniforms. Atlas Infiniti’s uniform solution delivers a consistent appearance and feel across all consumer touch points. This is a great way to make your company look more professional. There is a sense of kinship among the workforce, and clients can quickly recognize your employees.

School Uniforms

When creating school uniforms for students, Atlas Infiniti makes sure that every kid feels comfortable in their school uniforms. We tailor every design to give your school the highest quality uniform. Unique designs are created by Atlas Infiniti by combining proper thoughts, colors, processes, and textiles.

Medical Uniforms

All of our high-grade uniforms are known for their great comfort and quality, as well as their affordability. Manufacturing medical uniforms with consistent sizing and finishing are our main focus. Everything in the medical field is designed to be sturdy, comfortable, and customized.

As a hospital uniform supplier, we not only offer a comprehensive healthcare uniform collection, such as OT dress and scrub suits for therapists, nurses’ uniforms, and lab coats, but we also offer administration staff shirts and blouses as well as suiting and office uniforms, safety wear and maternity wear, among others.

Housekeeping Uniforms

Our cleaning uniforms have been carefully selected to provide you with the greatest quality and most competitive pricing. As a result, housekeeping uniforms should be simple to move and work in, while yet looking excellent and complementing your company aesthetics. With newest technologies in garment and fabric technology, our housekeeping uniforms not only look wonderful but also feel great and empower you to accomplish duties with ease.

 Security Uniforms

We offer a wide range of clothing for construction workers, safety employees, and first responders. It is our goal to supply our customers with uniforms that are constructed from high-quality textiles that adhere to industry requirements. In addition, we offer uniforms for law enforcement and security officers. We’ve built a solid reputation for producing high-quality safety and security clothing. We supply agencies and organizations in India with high-quality uniforms and services. Personal, attentive customer service is something we take great pride in. We also treat every customer’s uniform demands with the utmost respect and attention to detail.

Hospitality Uniforms

The value of stylish and high-quality uniforms in the hospitality industry cannot be overstated. Hospitality uniforms, clothes, and accessories are available  in a variety of styles. You can choose from a wide choice of hospitality uniforms such as those for receptionists and housekeepers. We offer a wide range of vibrant colors and hundreds of styles. Our customized design service allows you to add your logo to the uniforms and accessories. Take advantage of our in-house customization service to complement your look. We make it easy and affordable to put your business logo in your hospitality uniform.

Industrial Uniforms

Mishaps and accidental releases of dangerous substances will inevitably occur in a society where employee health and safety are a growing concern. It is necessary to supply employees with protective clothing. Our wide collection of work-wear is designed to provide comfort and protection for workers in a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and transportation. A wide choice of protective clothing is available from us to ensure safety of your employees. We provide protective apparel that ensure comfort, durability and value for money. You’ll find everything from flame retardant overalls to high-visibility outerwear and heavy-duty trousers.

Event Uniforms

Each participant gains a sense of communal identification through the use of uniforms during events. In addition, we customize the uniforms making them unique for each event. Customers are more likely to approach employees who wear pleasant outfits. These clothes make employees more visible and distinguish them from the rest.

Aviation Uniforms

Whether you’re on the flight deck, working as a flight attendant, or on the ground, we’ve got you covered. Aside from stocking uniforms, we also offer unique solutions, including innovative fabrics & tailored details to fulfill client demands.

Airlines may customize any of our uniform packages to reflect their brand guidelines, colors, and corporate identity. Every airline is unique and requires a unique answer, and we will accompany you through the entire process, from design drawings and prototyping to individual fittings and final uniforms.

Final Thoughts

For the safety of the person wearing the uniform, uniforms must be of a specified quality. This is because uniforms are not just regular clothing. We at Atlas Infiniti make sure that all of our manufactured uniforms are made from excellent materials and quality checked before sale.

Unquestionably, Atlas Infiniti is one of the well-respected uniform companies in Mumbai, India. Our products have been a huge success both domestically and internationally. To learn more about uniforms, please connect with us through the contact page.