School Uniform Mumbai

Students consider school uniform a lovable apparel

Irrespective of how much school uniforms cost when compared to normal clothes, they have evolved into being part and parcel of the academic life. Parents end up spending substantial money every year for it.  Therefore, many people feel that there shouldn’t be any uniforms in schools because this would be a great relief for those who can’t afford expensive uniforms. Moreover, parents are forced to buy them from a few designated shops leading to inconvenience.

What is the situation in developed countries?

If we take the example of developed countries like the USA where a majority of schools do not have uniforms, teachers and education experts have a different opinion. They feel that uniform should be compulsory because it creates a psychological impact on the students. They become more disciplined and responsible. No research has been done so far to substantiate this, but as per experts, uniform works as a safety shell against bullying which is another critical problem in the USA. If a school is strict about the uniform, then it conveys a message that it is strict in maintaining discipline as well.

What do school children feel?

While it is surprising that parents, teachers and educationalists make such a great fuss over the issue, children have a strikingly different opinion. Studies reveal the fact that a majority of the kids love the school uniform and are not for replacing it with normal clothing. They feel that uniform looks smarter than any other outfit. Students of higher classes become a role model for the younger students by wearing a neatly ironed clean school uniform. Since there is unanimity about the uniform, there is a sense of equality among students.

Kids from higher classes say that they have developed a great affection with the uniform over the years. The feeling of not wearing a uniform is quite painful for them. It isn’t fashionable apparel, but it adds grace to their personality. A clean and tidy uniform underlines the disciplined qualities of a student.


Removing uniform from the code of conduct is certainly not a feasible solution. If government authorities are serious about controlling improper habits, then they must have a close eye over unprofessional conduct. Parents should also keep concerned people informed on the same. With coordinated efforts of parents and government authorities, it is possible to get rid of it.

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