Why are schools important?  Because they build a solid foundation for the next generations. Those who get a chance to go to school and study under the guidance of learned teachers are lucky.

The concept of schooling has been there from ancient ages. In all civilizations, you have an education system of some or other types.

In the modern times, the schools have become very structured and systematic. They follow a specific pattern of education, and students are required to follow the rules.

School uniform is appreciated because it brings aa feeling of equality. Since every student wears the same type of dress, there is no inferiority or superiority complex.

Though some criticism is there from those, who think it an unnecessary burden on parents, mostly it is appreciated.

Want to know about the uniform patterns and trends worldwide? This blog brings a consolidated view.

School Uniforms in USA

Schools in the US follow uniforms that are acceptable and comfortable for students of different races and countries.

Shirts, trousers, and skirts are common. Neckties are not compulsory in the majority of the schools.

Schools in France

In France, schools have made uniforms mandatory since 1968 except in schools run by the Ministry of Defense and some private schools.

Students wear uniforms so that it assimilates kids from diverse cultures and races.

Schools in UK

Schools in the UK do not have any policy guidelines for a uniform. Each school determines its own policy. In general, the uniforms are gender-neutral. Girls have the liberty to choose between skirts and trousers.

More traditional schools may require students to wear hats. However, they are very few.

Schools in Nepal

In the schools of Nepal, schools insist on uniforms. Different schools follow different dress codes. The colors and patterns vary from school to school.

Shirts with matching trousers, belts, and ties are common. Girls wear skirts instead of pants.

School Uniforms in India

In India, uniforms are compulsory in all schools, whether the government owns them or not.

However, there is a difference in the pattern and quality of the uniform. In private schools, boys wear trousers or half pants and girls wear skirts. Shirts are common for both.

Some schools have neckties as part of regular uniforms whereas some schools follow T-shirts instead of shirts.

The traditional Indian costume, Salwar-Kurta, is used as a uniform in some schools.

In the Middle East

Since the countries in the Middle East follow the Islam religion, the uniforms are as per the religious rules.

For girls and boys both, it is required to cover the entire body. The headscarf for girls is mandatory in all schools.


In Russian schools, boys wear a suit and tie in most schools. Girls wear aprons, stockings, and skirts. The colors and designs of uniforms vary in different schools.

Russian schools require boys to wear a suit and tie. Girls, meanwhile, are expected to wear a black dress with white aprons and stockings.

School Uniforms in China

In the majority of the Chinese schools, students wear military-themed uniforms. The colors are not gaudy; mostly they are shades of grey or blue.