Housekeeping is often restricted by people from cleanliness to simply mopping and sweeping done by the maid. Housekeeping services not only deal with simple floor cleaning to carpet cleaning but also includes a series of services that helps customers in maintaining hygienic environment in their premise.

housekeeping services uniforms

Housekeeping services offer a relationship of trust as well as faithful work. The most important identity of a disciplined housekeeping services are the uniforms of housekeepers. Housekeeping is not an easy job when you are getting dirty, lifting heavy objects and standing and moving on your feet all day- all the while having to look good while representing your brand.

A housekeeping uniform should contain these features-

  • Good Fabric
  • Comfortable
  • Durable

Are you living in Mumbai & looking for a suitable housekeeping services uniform manufacturer? You are on the right place , Atlas Infiniti manufactures housekeeping uniforms with all above mentioned qualities. Let us take a look how-

  • Good Fabric– a good housekeeping uniform should have a good – fabric quality. The fabric should be blended pincord, providing a subtle texture to the garment. The finish on the garment should feature dual action stain repellant, as well as soil release on the lapel and cuffs.

Additional fabric should be built into the underarm seam to allow for greater range of motion for the wearer. Atlas infiniti takes care of all these points and thus making it durable as well as comfortable to wear.

  • Comfort– the most important part which adds to the main check of any garment is whether it is able to satisfy the wearer by providing the required comfort. Comfort is that level which makes a standardable mark on every uniform or garment towear whether it is of uniforms of housekeepers.

Atlas infiniti provides housekeeping uniforms with a high comfort level by manufacturing uniforms with wickable finish features. We provide uniforms with good fabric which also adds up to the level of comfort.

  • Durable– Another most important thing which a housekeeper uniform should have is the durability provided by it. Long lasting uniforms makes a customer clear about it thought containing the manufacturer he is working with.

If the uniforms are durable enough then the customers are satisfied at their mark.

Atlas Infiniti provides long lasting Housekeeping uniforms of fine fabric quality and as per the needs of the present era. They are available in a wide range of styles and fabrics. From straight pants to cargo pants and wrinkle resistant fabric, you can choose the design and style that will enable you to improve brand awareness, employee confidence, professional appearance and your image as well.

Atlas infiniti not only provides functional work but also includes stylish work. So go on ! Contact us to find right combination for your housekeeping staff.