Medical coats or laboratory coats are a knee-length overcoat worn by professionals in the medical field or by those involved in laboratory work. The coat protects their street clothes and also serves as a simple uniform.

medical coats

The garment is made from white or light-colored cotton, linen, or cotton polyester blend, allowing it to be washed at high temperature and make it easy to see if it is clean. Similar coats are a symbol of learning in Latin America, where they are worn by both students and teachers in state schools. In Africa and India, teachers wear white coats to protect their casual clothes from chalk and dust.

Importance of Medical Coats

Early doctors competed for legitimacy with other healing arts like homeopathy and medical eclecticism. But the development of antiseptics and anesthesia, among other things, demonstrated the exceptional power of science to improve health.

Doctors strove to become more scientific, in practice and in dress. The Medical Coat served both purposes by providing a sterile work environment and soothing patients with its air of scientific authority. The traditional lab coat was beige, but doctors adopted white because the color symbolizes life and purity.

  • More than 100 medical schools host ‘’white coat ceremonies’’ where first-year medical students are outfitted with shortened versions of the white coat, and the coats are ubiquitous at large teaching hospitals where they help differentiate between doctors and students.
  • Medical coats reminds the wearer that medicine is a special kind of profession, that doctors have extraordinarily obligations to patients.
  • The white coats recalls medicine’s basis in science, from which we wouldn’t want to stray too far.
  • White coat symbolizes hierarchy within medical students, doctors, and other health professionals. It may be a symbol of power or trust. It might make them seem more credible.
  • They protects your skin from pills and splashes that occur in the laboratory.

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