School Uniforms in Mumbai

Do you remember your School Uniform?

We tend to live in the sweet reminiscences of our school time. Yes, certainly they are quite fascinating and interesting. Along with a plethora of other memories, we distinctly remember our uniform. It is just impossible to exclude the uniform from our school memories. However boring and monotonous we felt wearing the same dress daily, a school uniform was inevitable.

In the modern times, every school has a distinct design, style and pattern of uniforms. A large number of school uniform manufacturers in Mumbai supply excellent quality in the local and national market. With great workmanship and paramount perfection, they have clientele spread across the country.

  • Interestingly, the concept of the common dress code for all wasn’t a part of the school discipline about 300 years back. Kids had the liberty of wearing the outfit of their choice. In the United Kingdom, uniforms started in  the 16th century. Since the majority of the schools were charity schools and the majority of students were underprivileged, charitable organizations used to donate stitched clothes of the same style, color, and design. This is considered the birth of the school uniform.
  • Since school uniforms are decent and sober, they do not distract the attention and kids can concentrate better on the studies. In schools where kids are allowed to wear the outfit of their choice, discipline is always an area of concern.
  • Though the word ‘uniform’ is a widely accepted one, it is an offensive term in some countries. They have coined softer words like “school clothing” or “school outfit”.
  • In schools in Mumbai, blazers, trousers, skirts or tunics, shoes and socks are part of the school uniform. Since British rulers introduced English medium schools in India, the school uniform still carries the colonial dressing style though some schools have changed it and made it more Indian. Most school uniform manufacturers in Mumbai check the work order specification thoroughly before stitching the lot.
  • In Japan, school uniforms for girls have a striking similarity with the British naval uniform. Kids are supposed to remove their shoes before entering the classroom. They wear special soft slippers in the class.

For quite some time, there has been an agitation and turmoil about the school uniform. Some parents and teachers feel that there is no academic or behavioral benefit from the uniform. They feel that uniforms take away the individuality of the students. It is a financial burden for them to buy costly uniform every year. Sometimes, there is an undue pressure from schools to buy uniforms from specific shops or specific school uniform manufacturers in Mumbai.

However, supporters of school uniform feel that it brings greater discipline in the school and kids find them associated with the school. There is a better sense of ownership and affection with the school. Since parents (and kids too) don’t have to waste precious time in selecting the outfit while preparing for the school, making the kids ready for the school isn’t a time-taking activity. School uniforms spread the feelings of brotherhood and equality.