Medical Sciences has taken a peak height in its part. Almost everyone wants to be a doctor or nurses. Not only because of the high salaries they are earning but also for the new approaching trend. Due to this increasing trend the necessary to find an appropriate Lab Coat supplier is must.

Lab Coats also called lab jackets, protect and identify healthcare workers, researchers and industrial professionals in the medical, dental and manufacturing industries. Lab Coats are chosen for comfort, range of motion, protection against substances and environment, strength and convenience features.

Lab Coats come in a variety of materials intended to help provide durability, breathability; and comfort, as well as tear, moisture and snag resistance. We need to choose a supplier which provides the following qualities-

  • Comfort
  • Fabric
  • Fashion prints
  • Loving and Warmth
  • Outstanding Quality

lab coat suppliers

Atlas Infiniti provides all the above qualities of Lab Coats.

  • Comfort– We provide a comfortable versions of lab coats which provides barrier protection against dry environments or particulates, body fluids, and viral threats. Lab Coats provided by us are made of polypropylene, polyester, polyolefin materials which are comfortable to wear.
  • Fabric– Atlas Infiniti seeks fabrics and apparel technology from around the world for its collections to meet the specific needs of nurses and healthcare workers including comfort, durability, softness, stretch. Moisture wicking and easy care. We provide lab coats exactly according to the needs of the workers keeping in mind about their fit, sizes and ready to wear heritage shapes too.
  • Fashion Prints- Our designers create a broad array of exclusive designs, from floral to geometrics to conversational prints, taking inspiration from fashion runways around the world. We also offer unique prints working with our artistic and guest designers.
  • Loving and warmth– we offer the industry’s foremost collection, with different and new prints and much more. Lab Coats supplied by us also provides a required warmness which is loved by all workers. Our Lab Coats have an exterior or interior coating for additional protection.
  • Outstanding Quality– we work with a nationwide panel of nurses who give us feedback on new products and industry trends. All of our garments are tested to meet the highest quality standards before they are manufactured.

Atlas Infiniti recognizes the tremendous contribution healthcare workers make to society; our goal is to be their champion. We are a leading Lab Coat supplier. Our lab coats are machine washable.

Our coats come in variety of styles that will help you to save too. We provide a large selection of lab coats including unisex, fluid resistant and more. Our coats are perfect for that professional look, so go on and check them out, we know you will love the way you look in them.

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