It is a daunting task for administrators to finalize the best and the perfect uniform for corporate staff.  They need to consider a long list of factors before they could lock the uniform choice. It is equally essential that the quality fabrics in the perfect color and size match the business demands.

Not just that, administrators are required to check the fabric, color, fitting, embroidery, and company logo. These factors play a major role in picking the right uniform.

If you are a corporate customer looking out for a corporate uniform to stash up, then you need a professional  uniform fabrics wholesaler in Mumbai like Atlas InfinitiIt is a well-recognized, trusted, and acknowledged uniform supplier.

How does a wholesaler add value while choosing the perfect uniform? Here are some important factors to which he contributes.


The first and most important aspect is comfort. Your staff will be wearing the uniform all the time. Hence, comfort is important. A wholesaler suggests stuff that is cool and absorbent. Also, the fabric should feel warm in the winters and cool in the summers.

You need to take the opinion of your staff members as well. The best thing is to form a selection committee comprised of people from the organization and representatives of the wholesaler.


The uniform carries the company’s image. Therefore, it has to be special and unique. A wholesaler contributes to the selection process by suggesting tuff that is special yet carries the image of the brand.

However, despite giving importance to uniqueness, a corporate office should not forget that the uniform carries the brand image as well.

So, there should be a balance between style and elegance.

Choice of Uniform fabrics

Though a Uniform fabrics wholesaler  in Mumbai can suggest it, the final selection is made by the customer. It is because a customer knows his preferences.

The choice of fabric depends on several elements, including the nature of the work. If the majority of the people will be working indoors in a controlled environment, then the choice will be different.

If the majority of the people work in the field, then the fabric choice will be different.

Safety of Uniform fabrics

Along with the comfort of people, safety is another important element that affects the choice of fabric. If the staff members are working near the fire, hazardous chemicals, machinery, and equipment, then your choice of fabric will be different.

If they are working mainly outdoors, then the fabric you choose is different.

Uniform fabrics wholesaler  in Mumbai understands your requirement and suggests the best fabric as per the working conditions. The fabric should ensure safety up to the best extent.

A trusted uniform manufacturer or wholesaler offers products that guarantee the best fit for your employees. When you are confused, or not able to choose between two options, he can guide you about the fabric type, design, and style.

Approachability and relatability

Practicability and convenience are two things that determine the choice of fabric. A wholesaler has to be approachable to suggest the fabric as per the workplace culture.

The uniform should not create an image that you are not approachable. For example, a company that interacts with farmers or tribals cannot choose a three-piece suit or skirt and top their uniform. The customers will not be able to relate themselves to the company.

If a corporate office selects stuff that staff wants to wear, but there is a disconnect from what the business is selling, then it is not the right choice. A wholesaler and client work together to select the perfect and most suitable uniform.