As the staff represents the entire establishment, the aspects like cleanliness can turn guests off from the hotel as a whole. Many companies have dress codes, but to be an exemplary housekeeper you must go beyond just the dress code i.e. making best decision in housekeeping uniforms.

Practicing good hygiene and being polite and respectful are great ways and a duty of a housekeeper but another important aspect is dressing well.  Dressing well not only includes how a person is dressing himself/herself but also it includes the quality, material provided by the manufacturer or supplier. 

Nowadays everyone is opting for housekeeping uniforms over the different dress codes. Let us look at the significance of housekeeping uniforms.

Why are housekeeping uniforms are important?

  • Creating an identity– in terms of your brand image, housekeeping uniform play an important part in your brand image and creating a goodwill amongst all. Housekeeping uniforms are considered as a better advertising tool than online or bill board campaigns.  A uniform will immediately tell a customer that the persons is working for you.  When you are in a mall or hotel, you don’t need to guess who the staff is or not, uniforms adds a convenience level to customers.
  • Adds support – uniforms in the work place also help customers to identify the employer of a specific company and allow for a neat and professional appearance. They help employees to do their job properly.  Example – apron worn by a house keeper protects the person’s actual clothing and gives him / her pockets to carry all the essential needed.
  • Consistency – Benefits of uniforms over dress codes is that uniform provides consistency as it eliminates any dress code problems. If there are no uniforms, your company’s dress code will be too open to interpretation. Every individual might have a different way of dressing for work and this will result in an inconsistent look for your business.

Choosing the right manufacturer

Whether your company is choosing any type of dress code, the main thing that should be considered is to first choosing the appropriate manufacturer or supplier. 

It’s a general fact that a housekeeping uniform will make your employer look and work better which is why it’s crucial to find the right manufacturer who takes care of each and every thing from the comfort level of the employee to the satisfaction of the client.

Atlas Infiniti is the one who fits best to fill every loop hole highlighted in terms of housekeeping manufacturer.

Atlas Infiniti takes care of the comfort level as being comfortable is one of the most important thing for an employee when it comes to wearing a uniform.

We take accurate measurement of sizes for everyone, to ensure clients get the right uniform for everyone, especially when they want customized uniforms. 

We supply housekeeping uniform with worth quality fabric and also with bright colors so that uniforms don’t look dull.

We supply our client with their exact required customized uniforms. Our well trained workforce and team of expertise combined together to give the best output they can give while manufacturing perfectly and supplying the best to our clients.

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