Hospital Bed Pads

Hospital Bed pads are used to protect mattresses from urinary incontinence and other liquid accidents. There are 2 types of bed pads depending on unique and individual needs-

  1. Reusable Bed Pads- also known as washable bed pads are made in a multilayer construction that allows heavy absorbency. They are machine washable.
  2. Disposable Mattress pad- also known as chux, perfectly complements specialty beds to provide maximum air circulation.

Atlas infiniti provides the required hospital underpads and accessories. Moreover washable underpads have the following features provided by Atlas infiniti-

  • Absorbency– involves the volume an underpad can effectively contain. Absorbing Polymer is what physically pulls in the moisture and liquid. When determining the level of absorbency that you need, it is best to contemplate the amount and flow rate that will be landing on reusable pad. The most effective and efficient solution is to use the correct absorbency. Atlas Infiniti takes care of all this.
  • Materials– there are two main material types that are liquid- proof barriers : vinyl and verethane. There are notable differences between the two materials that can affect your decision making. Before purchasing these hospital underpads Atlas Infiniti takes cares of all these issues and make it easy for customers.
  • Underpad Size– when determining the dimensions that are best for your needs, it is to be kept in mind to have a minimum of 6 to 10 inches around the ‘’target zone’’. Atlas Infiniti mentions all the product descriptions and make it particular according to the needs of the customers without troubling them.

Hospital Accessories

Hospital accessories includes  equipment which should be of proper worthwhile quality. Atlas infiniti provides you with hospital accessories of worth quality. Let us  take a look on some-

  • Bed Mattresses– we provide a comprehensive line of mattresses across all needs and budgets. We provide self-adjusting pressure redistribution mattresses, alternating pressure mattresses, low air loss mattresses and more for hospital, nursing home and long term care.
  • Some hospital bed accessories include adjustable bed accessories, over bed tables, floor mates and much more. Atlas infiniti provides you with accessories of fine quality.

Our team of designers have taken concepts and designs and developed our collection of distinctive hospitality products with special emphasis on quality, practicality, commercial suitability and exceptional value for money.

Our specialist team can also transform your ideas into fantastic and functional customized hospital accessory products.

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