It is the duty of the Band Director of budgeting, designing, purchasing, receiving, fitting and issuing band uniforms. Mainly band uniforms should be specially guided when purchased.

You may want a specialist who provides you with appropriate band uniforms and also guides you with appropriate points while purchasing them. Following points will guide you about purchasing band uniforms-

band uniforms

  1. Appropriate Manufacturer – It’s always advisable to work with professionals. Professionalism gives a sense of discipline and tidy appearance to the point. The role of the manufacturer is basically to keep you updated about the current trends in design, fabric usage, new features and much ore. They fulfill your every need as well as design and delivery queries. Choose the manufacturer with whom you feel comfortable with and are confident about their work.
  2. Types of Band Uniforms – the types needed for band uniforms should be specified clearly to the manufacturer. These include-
    • Military style band uniforms– main emphasis is on the military look.
    • Corps style band uniforms– most prevalent is the blue devil look, contrasting colors and trim are generally utilized.
    • Multi-use style band uniforms– a formal concert look that is attractive, but simple in style.
  1. Band uniform Sketch – As we are aware of a common saying- ‘’ A picture is worth a thousand words’’. Therefore by the information relayed to the manufacturer’s artist by the company representative will turn into a full- color sketch of the band uniform. A sketch gives you a full idea of how your band uniform will look and which loopholes are to be fulfilled.
  2. Sample matters – A sample of the band uniforms provides us with almost a real experience of how the material of the band uniform is needed by us. Though a sample only, we tend to decide band uniforms exactly what is needed by us. It generally takes about two or three weeks for the sample band uniform t be manufactured and delivered for inspection and review.
  3. Detailed Specifications – A proper specification package should be submitted. A specification package includes all the list of requirements i.e. coats, trousers, capes, plumes etc. and as well as the quantities required. Specifications makes a clear path for any manufacturer to design exactly what is needed.
  4. Appropriate Measurements– for a good looking and well fitted band uniforms, the detailed measurements should be provided by you. These includes exact weights and heights for each pattern and design, setting up specific times for measuring, measuring in a room separate from weighing and other important things should be taken care of by a manufacturer.

Band Uniforms  by Atlas Infiniti

The above mentioned are some of the points you should take care of while purchasing band uniforms. These guiding tips helps effectively while purchasing band uniforms from different manufacturers. Mainly appropriate manufacturer is needed while purchasing band uniforms.

Atlas Infiniti is the appropriate Band uniforms manufacturer who takes care of each and every point mentioned above in order to fully provide uniforms as specified.We assist with fitting problems, care and maintenance and delivery process and much more. Our skilled team of expertise provides you with a delightful experience exactly according to your needs and wants. Contact us!