Track pants, in their not so brief history of time, have managed to go from the humble sofa wear to comfort workout wear to fashion ramp wear.

It doesn’t matter what your profession is. Doesn’t matter what your age is. Track pants have become a closet necessity. Girls track pants became famous even before they became the Paris Hilton’s go to casuals. Comfort is in and has been for quite a while and what’s more comfortable than a breathable pair of multipurpose pants?

girls track pants

Original and untouched:

The first and foremost purpose of girls track pants was exercise. The average smart girl knows that as important as academics are for you, your body needs more. She also knows better than to opt for clothing options that make the work out fussy. If running and cardio is your go to, track pants offer easy breath fabric. If yoga is your choice, girls track pants provide you with that space to stretch. If kick boxing exhilarates you, find your snug fit track pants. Girl track pants are a way better option for exercise than shorts or yoga tights. The major reason being- track pants keep your leg muscles warm during a workout, avoiding cramping. And unlike yoga tights don’t stick to the skin.

Your couch buddy:

Girls track pants give you a complete home like feeling. They are wide enough to feel like pajamas. They are excellent warmers, especially in winters. But at the same time they are summer friendly as their fabric allows easy flow of air. Girls track pants are close enough to a best friend after a long day at work. Even the modern independent girl who runs throughout the day and enjoys her corporate wear would agree that the best feeling in the world is getting into her comfortable track pants at the end of the day.

Additionally, if you have to get up for a morning workout, sleeping in your track pants saves time in the morning and gives you the essential motivation for the exercise.

A fashion faux pas no more: Girls Track Pants

A quick errand to run, sure. Girls don’t really think twice about it now. But wearing girl track pants for a more “fashionable” purpose?
Well this has been the general question for quite a long time and still is sometimes. It is valid for to be super dubious about wearing your girl track pants and merging them with your casual wear.  It almost feels like wearing your jammies to the office. Ridiculous. But once you own a few pairs and figure out wearing them they are the new fashion it. From business casuals (yes!) to boho to chic, Girls track pants can be your go to if you understand them.
In this world of multitasking and balancing, girls track pants are the multipurpose clothing item you need. Whatever your personality type- from the fitness lover, to book reader who likes it snug, to medical personnel who constantly need to change into scrubs, s suit every and all your needs.