An overall, over all, overalls, bib-and-brace overalls, dungarees or party bibs are a type of garment which is usually used as protective clothing when working. Recognizing that overall have many features can be of great value and benefit. In fact, not only are they beneficial but overalls are quite fashionable. As well, they come in a wide variety of styles to choose from to fit your individual needs.

Why Protective Wear is important in the workplace?

Protective work wear in the workplace refers to garments, helmets, goggles and factory overalls. They are designed to protect a worker from airborne matter, chemicals, electrical, heat and biohazards. They are worn for health purposes and job-related occupational safety.

  • Body Protection– In the workplace, it provides for the safety and reduces a workers exposure to hazards, when administrative and engineering controls cannot reduce the risks to acceptable levels. The practice of using factory overalls has a hierarchy of control that provides a framework that ranks the type of hazard for risk reduction. The type of hazard, area of body protected and type of accessory or garment categorize protective work wear.

Chemical agents through contaminated surfaces, aerosols, splashes or immersion in the workplace cause skin diseases such as skin cancer or contact dermatitis. Ultra violet, high temperatures and solar radiation can damage skin. Mechanical caused trauma can occur as abrasions, contusions, friction, lacerations and pressure. Parasites, plants, animals and microorganisms can also affect the skin and that is why protective work wear is import in the workplace. Strong rubber gloves that are heat or cut resistant and work coats provide protection which comes under factory overalls.

  • Warmth– Protective overalls add a layer of warmth for laborers who work outside in the elements. Waterproof overalls can keep out rain, snow and cold winds. They can be found in a variety of fabric weights, with some lined to keep the user warm in arctic cold temperatures. Construction workers, public works or utility employees working in colder climates may look for warmth in protective overalls.
  • Visibility– Bright orange overalls provide visibility to wearers, adding a layer of safety for those in dangerous conditions. Workers picking up trash along a highway and hunters may wear bright orange overalls so drivers and other hunters can see them easily. Fishermen could benefit from wearing orange overalls to increase their visibility if they should fall overboard.

Atlas Infiniti supplies factory overalls

We provide a huge range of options for factory overalls. We offer an extensive range of overall types and options ranging from the standard single color, cotton and poly-cotton blended overalls, through to more customize overall options that include company branded overalls in corporate colors, specific day or night. We provide-

  • Comfort– Without conceding the durability and strength of the garment, many of the fabrics used in the manufacture of this clothing’s material are breathable and lightweight providing utmost comfort.
  • Huge variety– There are literally hundreds of different types of work wear overalls. They come in different fabrics, colors and weights.We ensure all types as per need.

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