One of the most evident proofs of evolution is the ability of man to cover him as opposed to the other animals but more than that clothing is more than just an aspect that sets us apart. It has been long used as a form of expression, a form of shouting your personality which changes as per the occasion. Since the beginning trends and style have been volatile and changed according to the times, jobs and day to day comfort. But what is different is the spectrum of choices and types of clothing as per the occasion that exists today in contrast to the last few eras. On top of that there exists a plethora of outlets- online and offline which make the choice even more difficult. In such a situation all you can trust are brands and reviews of established businesses houses that have been serving their clients flawlessly. Atlas Infiniti remains to be one of those names. The wide variety produced and the quality of services delivered by Atlas Infiniti has made it an acknowledged platform as providers and manufacturers of both customized as well as finished clothes and uniforms. The use of fabrics from some of the known businesses in the industry like Raymond, Mafatlal, Siyaram, Valji etc. is just an added incentive provided to our clients get to choose from.


When it comes to apparels the choices and style range around a huge ambit and the focal point generally is the occasion. It is essential to supply each client with an outfit that would not just suit one’s personality but also the atmosphere around and the list of occasions remains endless. Here is a comprehensive yet unbounded list of categories served by Atlas Infiniti.


Corporate lifestyle has become a style in itself and more and more cities become metropolitan hubs and attract the crowds and classes of people who work in big multinationals or fresh start-ups. Since a huge population of young crowd is working in a sector that regards both individuality and conformity as assets it is important to find a styling partner that delivers exactly what you are looking for.

Shirts- Apart from the classic black and white, office shirts have evolved to another level and not just with respect and reference to the colours but also the designs and patterns. Office shirts now include loads of options when it comes to the collar, cuffs, sleeves and the pattern choices remain endless too.

Trousers- Well, the title itself is a little misleading. Bottom wear in offices has come a long way from including just trousers. Skirts and cigarette pants have become equally decent and popular amongst the new generation of stylish corporate workers. The array of sombre colours like navy, grey and pastels are the go to for the creative crowd to have fun with fashion at work.

Blazers– Blazers, if worn with an outfit can make or break it. It is sort of like the covering that makes your entire outfit come together and look more formal, more perfect and adds the oomph factor your outfit maybe lacking. Though worn only on rare special occasions, it is a must have for every worker bee.

Suit– This is basically a summation of all the above stated clothing materials. Suits are often regarded as the dress up adopted mostly by men for a typical formal evening but the trend has moved to include suits as more than that and they have become a staple in all offices. Now you can either wear it for that interview or the promotion discussion or an office presentation or even as something to set you apart as a leader. A well fitted suit just adds that extra allure to your personality.


T-shirts– More often than not we tend to ignore the kind of casuals we were and when we do decide to catch up with the style the number of styles present just add up to the confusion. But one thing remains classic and elemental to your wardrobe and that is a t-shirts. Casual tees go with all kinds of lowers. You can pull it off with a pair of loose pajamas, cargos or slim-fit jeans. The varied styles of t-shirts catered by Atlas Infiniti helps you achieve that effortless style that you are aiming for.

Cargos- Cargos probably would get an award for the most multi-functional pants to exist. They are often revered as the most comfortable pants by men. The presence of numerous big pockets is just a part of the charm. Cargos are convertible and transformable and can be worn for a casual brunch with friends, to office picnics, casual days at work or just as an everyday substitute for day-pajamas.


Atlas Infiniti is a dominant business in industrial work and protective wear. We design, customize, make and manufacture according to the needs and choices of each customer. Work wear that is colour coded, and made unique as per your business requirements is our speciality. Additionally, Atlas Infiniti provides a range of resistant and sturdy gear and tools to ensure a safer working and total comfort required while doing hard, manual or machine related work.

Overalls coveralls– Whether you work for the administration or in the work force, industrial assignments always require protective gears and clothing as part of their daily wear. But at the same time, since you have to wear the clothing for long work hours it ought to be comfortable. Overalls thus become a fundamental part of your profession if you work in industries and Atlas Infiniti provides these in a variety of protective fabrics- flame resistance, water resistant, wear resistant etc.

Gloves-Gloves often are ignored by the general population but for the work force that spends most of their daily hours in industries it remains an unforgettable essential. Additionally, choosing the right gloves is not easy. Each hand is different and each glove needs to be designed such to fit each snugly and comfortably so as to avoid any slippage or uneasiness during work.


Accessories are a necessity as well as the slight accent of style in your mostly ordinary outfit. But these need to be chosen right so their need is served and they don’t look odd. Atlas Infiniti exhibits a large spectrum of accessories in an even larger spectrum of designs offered.

Bags-The first accessory that should top any accessory list is undeniably bags. They are vital and needed by persons of all ages. From a child attending classes, to a college student, to the unstoppable traveller to the office goer, everyone needs a bag. Atlas Infiniti presents an assemblage of bagpacks, laptop bags, and travel bags in various fabric choices to suit your demands.

Caps & hats- A head gear can improve or ruin your look for the day and choosing these are the trickiest of all. It depends on whether you like your caps or hats to merge with the entire style or be that one accessory that steals the show. Well, whatever your end goal is, you will surely be able to find the one for you from the unbelievable variety provided here.


Protective wear can be necessitated by both our work and natural environments and thus remains a must have for all kinds of workers in all professions. Atlas Infiniti services a range of antistatic protective wears, helmets, safety shoes, eyewear and glasses and windcheaters for those tough days at work.


You don’t have to do anything to have close persons who you want to thank maybe on a special day or just on any other day that seems good and we are here to help you with that. The endless range of gifts from lanyards, keychains, mugs, passport holders to travel towels, bags and stylish hoodies available all on one site will make your job simpler than ever.


School uniforms are generally not a huge topic to ponder about but for the one that wear them for almost half of their day it is an important aspect. Schools while designing their uniforms are very thoughtful with respect to the design but the fabric, quality and fitting matters a lot at the same time. Atlas Infiniti specializes in customizing and manufacturing school uniforms so that your ward stays comfortable while learning and playing during the school hours.


We have talked about all but the finishing touch. A perfect outfit should end at an even perfect note. A famous quote says “Before saying and doing, many pairs of shoes are worn out.” but we all know that we’d like lesser shoes to wear out. Atlas Infiniti possesses an array of sturdy, yet comfortable shoes you can wear during those long hours of work. Now as logic goes different kinds of work requires different type of footwear. We provide you with a huge collection of shoes in all categories- formal shoes, school shoes, safety boots etc.