A surgical gown is defined as a cloth that has to be worn by a member of the surgical team during a surgical procedure to prevent the transfer of infection agents.

Surgical gowns prevent dispersal of skin scales to the operating theatre air only if they are made from a suitable material. 

Clearly the barrier property to microorganisms is one of the most important characteristics needed, but other properties like resistance to liquids, abrasion and tearing, plus a fabric’s lining and a garment’s comfort must be considered when selecting products for a healthcare facility.

The market in India is still maturing for disposable gowns and some studies estimate that 99% of Indian hospitals still use cotton reusable.

As the market matures, new high end gowns will be introduced using a combination of styles and fabrics such as Spun lace and SMS. Currently, the main objective of us – Atlas Infiniti as a manufacturer is to displace cotton gowns by offering good quality disposable gowns at the lowest price possible. Features of our disposable surgical gowns-

  • Protection Levels– Protective apparel must meet minimum performance standards for strength, barrier protection and fluid resistance to ensure safety of HCWs and patients. The appropriate disposable surgical gown manufacturer keep this thing in mind and Atlas Infiniti provides the same.
  • Hygiene– Disposable surgical gowns enhance infection prevention and also reduces the opportunity for cross- contamination. Prevention from infections ensure proper hygiene. Disposable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a critical component of any facility’s efforts to prevent and control infections. It should be used as prescribed and intelligently. Atlas Infiniti satisfies this thing.
  • Comfort– – While performing jobs in hospital the surgical gowns worn by doctors, nurses, patients and other healthcare staff their apparels should provide proper comfort. Comfort is the thing which makes any person more focused to his/her work. Atlas Infiniti supplies disposable gowns with proper comfort.
  • Fabric Characteristics– the surgical gowns should be of fine quality fabric so that it can provide comfort to the surgical team. Surgical team have to work for the whole day therefore it is the duty of the manufacturer to opt for skin friendly fabrics so that they can work without any grievances. Atlas Infiniti manufactures disposable surgical gowns with skin friendly fabrics.

WHY Atlas Infiniti – Disposable Surgical Gowns ?

Atlas Infiniti is the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies uniquely positioned to provide products, education and support across the continuum of care. Our ability to bring best practices from one care setting to another — from large healthcare systems and independent physician practices to home health patients and their families, is what sets us apart.

Our domain expertise have enabled us to come up with a collection of Disposable Surgical Gowns. These gowns are manufactured using optimum quality raw material to remain at par with the international quality standards and norms.

Moreover, we offer these gowns in various sizes and shapes to meet the variegated requirements of our customers.

Our team of quality inspectors also checks the entire range on various predetermined parameters in order to offer tested products to our customers.

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