Your mind is trained to learn and remember unique symbols and designs much better than any other feature you might associate with a brand. The first thing you need to invest time and idea in, after your brand name, is your brand’s logo.

Focus on impactful rather than eye-catching

At the end of the day you want your brand to stay around in people’s minds and hearts. It is good if they are eye catching but that shouldn’t be your end goal. Eye catching logos and designs have momentary impact which fades away, sometimes as soon as the viewer blinks.

Make sure you logo gives out a message

The design that is complementary to your brand should not be superficial. A deeper meaning connected to the abstract always goes a long way, so now when someone is to remember your brand logo they will remember it with a message. This can be a reflection of the core values of your brand or just the goal that your company is seeking.

Where putting you logo is a must

Simply put, you brand’s logo should be on everything and anything associated with your Company. Look at it this way, you spend hours of brainstorming and invest resources in coming up with the final design that will resonate with your brand why should it not be visible everywhere then?

In addition to this putting your brand logo on everything is a marketing must and these are a few places where it’s a good idea to feature your logo:

  • Business Items or services
  • Official Website
  • Staff clothing
  • Offices and stationary

Have workwear? Put your logo on it.

A lot of things boil down to human to human interaction. This interaction exists between your clients and the company personnel on a fundamental level. This becomes a great opportunity to become visible to the client and establish an image for your enterprise.

Since you want this symbol of your company to be not just unique but also uniform you need to rely on the best to get this done. Atlas Infiniti, a trusted uniform manufacturer and supplier has been providing to its clients personalized uniforms and workwear from its operational units present at 4 locations in India.

Atlas Infiniti knows that in addition to getting the exact design right; you need to be very cautious with regards to the clothing material and fabric of the uniform. Just like how the material of a canvas is important to the painting, the choice of fabric becomes essential considering the size, thickness and printing of the brand logo. If you want the design to have a metallic finish, a glossy fabric might not be a good idea. Certain undertones might not co-operate with certain colors. All these are variables that the Atlas Infiniti team helps you consider and visualize before your big step.

Getting appropriate attire that appreciates the values of your enterprise can be a challenging task. Atlas Infiniti supports you at each step to make this process a little less challenging.