The term “era of competition” is misleading to say the least. Competition isn’t a new concept; it has existed since the inception of mankind. But of course today when we think of competition the words like “corporate”, “conference”, “corner office” flashes into our minds. We imagine powerful confident people in their crisp corporate attire paving their way to the top and this image is important. The importance of this image cannot be underestimated, after all first impressions count but regular presentation is respected in the long run. On the first sight this admired presentation comes through one’s attire.

Corporate Attire


Corporate attire has been associated with business from the very beginning but what happens in the times when everything is a business?
Apart from the traditional definition of businessmen, all kinds of job holders wear the corporate attire these days. Lawyers, consultants, planners, designers, doctors, diplomats- have a uniform western wear code while dealing with clients, customers and partners.
If there’s one thing that is sure with fashion it is the surety that it will evolve, change, modify without any single persons wishes. Gone are the days when business formals were associated with just pants and suits. The crisp collared white shirts and dark black fitted pants though still remain the go to wear for most, western formals don’t just end there. At Atlas Infinity you find a variety of corporate clothing options that don’t just present you as a respectable member of the profession but also display your modern thinking.
With women entering the crowded ground of business competitors, formals also evolved to suit the fair gender. Dresses and skirts were included in the ambit of corporate dressing. Feminism in the corporate field itself exists to present independence, intellect and talent of sure footed women while maintaining the propriety in a business.


The most important reason why a decent presentation of oneself is necessary is because even a single employee projects the image of the entire company. Since the first thing clients notice is the attire, the company has to take special care as to what they showcase to the clients.
As new professions arose so did new possibilities but the aim remained the same. Business formals and attire are supposed to display sincerity in the character of person.
No one thinks that clothes are just a matter of ethics or decency anymore, it’s a baseborn science.
According to psychology well-dressed corporate personnel ensure better chances of gaining client trust.
And if your company wishes to put itself more on the upfront to the customer then Atlas Infinity also provides with customised corporate clothing. Clothing matched as per the demands- Logos, Ties, Formal wear etc.
Studies also show that a well-dressed professional is bound to perform better for the company. A new study looks specifically at how formal attire changes people’s thought processes. Corporate attire encourages people to use abstract processing more readily than concrete processing. This shows flexible line of thinking.

If you thought “clothes make a man” was an insignificant quote, think again!