Corporate Attire refers to the clothing that employees wear to work. Depending on the workplace, various levels of the formality of corporate attire are expected and the norm.

When we think about corporate attires we imagine powerful confident people in their crisp corporate wear paving their way to the top and this image is important. Lawyers, consultants, planners, designers, doctors, diplomats- have a uniform western wear code while dealing with clients, customers and partners. That western wear code is known as Corporate Attire.

Gone are the days when corporate formals were associated with just pants and suits. The first thing clients notice is the attire, the corporate attire suppliers has to take special case as to what they showcase to the clients.

The dress code range from corporate formal, corporate professional and corporate casual.

Let us take a look on these types of Corporate Attire-

  • Corporate Formal—When you dress in corporate formal attire, you are dressing to impress. Corporate formal attire is an upgrade from your day-to-day professional outfits. Dressy evening events or award ceremonies may be suitable for corporate formal attire.
  • Corporate professional – when you dress corporate professional, you are wearing generally conservative clothing to portray yourself in a professional manner. Corporate professional is similar to corporate formal, but does not necessarily mean you have to break out your best shoes and suit. Careers such as finance, accounting and organizations that have a strict dress code policy require corporate professional attire on a daily basis.
  • Corporate casual- when the dress code for your company is corporate casual, it simply means you do not need to wear a suit. It simply includes corporate shirts with pants and shoes, not needed to wear a tie i.e. proper corporate attire is not required.

Difference between Casual wear and Corporate wear

Choosing a casual or corporate wear will depend on your profession and the event you are dressing for. A corporate wear may be worn day to day if you work in a finance profession that requires formal attire. Casual suits are acceptable for businesses with casual dress code policy.

  • Color– for a corporate wear, dark-colored attire such as navy blue, black, gray or brown are chosen. While a casual suit can be lightly colored.
  • Considerations– whether you are wearing a corporate or casual wear, your attire should still be neat. Men’s corporate wear may include double-breasted suit. Women’s corporate suits should come at the knee when standing. While casual wear includes to any of wearing that is loose and easy to wear.

Importance of wearing Corporate Attire

Traditionally, office—based employees have had to abide by strict dress codes that includes corporate attires. Basically at the workplace, there is a different feeling which includes responsibility, pride and professional attitude. These things are attained with the help of Corporate Attires also. Importance of these Attires are-

  • Professional look– an employee wearing a proper corporate shirt, pants and tie instead of casual wear might look more professional. The nature of corporate wear is somewhat tied to your professional business.
  • Dress code basics– appropriate wear, along with basic etiquette, is one of the most common associations made to professionalism. We form first impressions and overall judgments about people by the way they dress. The way someone dresses affects the perception of your company’s customers or business partners, so it is important to maintain a standard of corporate wear which creates a positive impression.
  • Messages– the way you dress carries certain messages to those who meet you. Thus a company that wants to maintain a professional image or certain status in the marketplace should make corporate attire as its priority.

Definition of a Good Corporate Attire Supplier

First impression is meant to be the last, possibly in every domain. This is the reason why image and look is considered to be the most important factor by every company hence they make sure that their employee is looking best amongst others.

Many companies have initiated with the concept of corporate attires for their employees to get associated with fortitude and professionalism. Corporate Attire supplier should be chosen wisely and should come with following benefits-

  • Superb Quality
  • Fashionable look
  • Comfort feel
  • Friendly service

Atlas Infiniti – Mumbai based Worldwide Corporate Attire supplier

Are you living in Mumbai and looking for an appropriate corporate attire supplier? If so then you are on the right place, Atlas Infiniti is the one whose corporate attires are more of image wear and consists of all of the above mentioned points-

  • Superb Quality– for any type of corporate attire the quality is the thing which matters the most. Without a good and fabulous quality, a corporate attire will not provide a proper look of professionalism. Atlas Infiniti is the appropriate corporate attire supplier which provides each and every corporate attire with superb quality fabrics.
  • Fashionable look– other than super quality, a corporate attire supplier should take care of a thing i.e. a fashionable look should be flaunted from any type of corporate attire. Atlas Infiniti supplies a fashionable look as well as professional look.
  • Comfort feel – one more important thing is the feeling of comfort in wearing any wear whether it is casual or corporate attire. Comfort makes every employee work more freely and with more enjoyment. We supply corporate attires with a high level of comfort with our superb quality fabrics.
  • Friendly service– Atlas Infiniti ensures proper feedback of its clients and fulfill their needs. Also we provide value added service and have a friendly bond with our clients.

Other than these we focus on-

  • We help in establishing your companies brand which benefits both employees and the organizations they work for.
  • We have our own unique collection of corporate attires which are made of best quality fabrics that gives great comfort, feel and confidence.
  • Our skilled and team of expertise adds more perfection to our work.
  • We do our work with full faith and confidence

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