Blazer and tie

The Corporate Code

What is the basic formula of being in the corporate sector?

Casual attitude or work or clothes is a big NO. You need to have a professional appearance. Imagine that you have a lot of skills, knowledge and immense talent but you aren’t presentable enough. You will not be taken seriously in the world you work in because the way you present yourself reflects your aura, your worth of doing and managing work. The ethic and code of uniformity in the business demands a lot of attention. It becomes a sense of pride, because it makes you stand out in the crowd.

The Consistency

Corporate means continuous judgement. You’re scrutinized all the time in business, how you dress up, how you behave, your reflexes, all of them are counted to analyse your growth and success rate. Thus, for appraisers to notice you, you should come in their observation, which is definitely not an easy task.  However, ties for men are like make-up for women. It shows how observant and serious men are to themselves and to what they do. Similarly, blazers are the persona of class and elegance. It never is mandatory but a formal shirt with a tie looks incomplete without a blazer.

The Blazer and Tie Impression

As they say first impression lasts forever and the corporate world states that you maintain your first impression till it becomes last. Clients dig for some serious people who can get their work done. Wear formals, be smart, be confident and half your work is done.  How you carry yourself plays an immense role in winning the trust of colleagues, bosses and clients. This is what a profession demands and this is what is to be done to fulfill the various expectations.

Corporate is all about bling

You don’t sell yourself, you brand yourself. People in the corporate world would understand this very line to the core. Creating your own repo and a status to enhance and showcase your talent is the first and foremost thing to do. A tie and a blazer is not just a uniform dress code, it’s a discipline which directly reflects on the seriousness a person has towards his work. If you look like you know what you are capable of, your appearance will show it before you actually do. Also formals, specifically blazer and tie are a mark of corporate identity. It becomes the ease of flow and imparts a practical ready to go image which is a building step in the business world. Basically it’s like food, you look at the dish, if it looks promising and vibrant you go for it since you find it worth eating. If the dish looks uncooked and is not presented well you automatically frame a bad expectation in your head without even tasting it. So basically a blazer and tie is the perfect garnishing to your formals to make yourself worth noticing.