There are many uniform manufacturers around, but I believe Atlas Infiniti stands out among others. Our eternally durable products and rigid yet comforting client relations are testimonial to the way we do business. Uniform Manufacturers differ in products and service quality and our clients know of this. Yet they have stuck around for they trust our professionalism and high-quality products. We at Atlas Infiniti provide nothing but the best.

Our Team comprises of Chartered Accountants, MBAs and budding entrepreneurs, thus giving our brand immense knowledge and a youth spirit. We are all experts in maintaining client relations and developing new strategies to deliver competent products and services.

Our primary agenda is to become a competent global player in the uniform manufacturing industry and this gives us the drive to keep delivering satisfying results for our customers.

Our Uniform products are highly durable and affordable.

They are empowering in a sense that they will bring the best out of your employees, due to their industry-driven designs and adaptability. All of our products are extremely comfortable which will give your employees the chance to feel relaxed while working.

We respect the differences that different industries have and thus provide different types of uniforms for different industries. We have a great stock of corporate wear ranging from shirts to blazers to even clothing fabric. Our stack of corporate wear items also includes cargoes, t-shirts, denims, trousers, ties, scarves, jackets and windcheaters. These are all products that your employees will feel empowered and relaxed in.

We are unique in the range of products that we sell – we provide customized industrial-wear products too! Now your industry workers can all work in unison and feel lighter than usual in our comfortable industrial-wear.

Corporate gifting is an important tactic that wise corporations use dearly.

Intelligent people of commerce know how corporate gifts can strengthen client relations and thus choose these gifts immaculately. We at Atlas Infiniti give you the option to choose from a variety of gifting options that you can gift to your clients or prospects or even your well-performing employees. In the corporate spirit, all our gifting options are friendly to the pocket and are readily affordable.

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