Anti static shirts, and footwear make your workplace 100% safe against static charge

Do you work in an ESD protected area? Or are you an entrepreneur who is searching for good-quality Antistatic clothing for your employees?

If yes, then searching a top-notch manufacturer is essential who produces the whole range of antistatic products, e.g., shirts, overalls, coats, footwear, and gloves.

As antistatic clothing becomes an integral part of industries where the work environment is ESD protected because the machines and electronic components are highly vulnerable to static electricity.

Anti static uniforms and anti static footwear dissipate the static charge and prevent it from getting transferred to delicate equipment and assemblies.

Atlas Infiniti has made an impressive presence in the niche by producing a complete range of high-quality antistatic products.

These products ensure that the workplace has no risk from static charge.

The science behind antistatic clothing

Regular clothes that we wear not only retains static electricity but generate it as well. The energy gets transferred on our body, and it may dissipate on the electronic equipment and assemblies.

Since some fabrics accumulate and generate high levels of static buildup, it may cause harm to the electronic equipment.

The necktie, for example, is made from synthetic fabric generally that contains heavy static charge. Since the tie can reach electronic equipment easily, the risk is quite high.

Similarly, shirts made from synthetic fabric are also responsible for the heavy static electrical charge.

By using anti static shirts and ties, the risk can be eliminated.

If the work environment doesn’t permit static charge at all, then the anti static fabric must be chosen carefully.

Anti static fabric is made from synthetic fibers and plastic and rubber. Therefore, these fibers do not break easily but stretch. Thus, they eliminate the possibility of triboelectric generation.

The cost incurred on procuring anti-static stuff is worth because of the higher level of safety offered.

Anti static footwear does the rest of the work

It is not enough to wear anti static clothes at the workplace, but it is equally important to wear shoes that stop people getting charged with static electricity.

A pair of good quality anti static shoes can achieve the goal effectively.

These shoes and shoe straps stop building up static charge as people move around.

ESD shoes that offer a leakage path to earth are suitable. Other than shoes, it is also possible to stop static charging by using ESD shoe covers. These covers fit over the original shoes. They offer a leakage path by which the charge transfers to the earth.

Experts say that enough care should be taken while using shoe covers as there is a tripping hazard.

Anti static shoe straps are also useful. The straps fit on the shoes and offer a leakage path. Thus, there is no chance of static charge buildup.

Good-quality anti static accessories from Atlas Infiniti are preferred by clients who want total protection of the material and equipment from the risk of damage due to the static electricity.

Each product is checked for the best quality standards so that it fulfills the expectations of the customer.