Not only international airlines of world fame, but domestic airlines are also incredibly conscious about the appearance of their staff. Undoubtedly, people do not decide about choosing airlines based on what the crew members wear. However, it certainly makes an impression about the service quality and attitude.  That is the reason; airlines want Air hostess uniforms to be smart, sleek and trendy.  The style and patterns vary largely, and there is no restriction to imagination and creativity.

If you spend a few hours in an airport where several international flights operate, you will see an extravaganza of colors, styles and patterns. Right from tight pencil skirts and colorless blazers to trousers and shirts with bows or tie.  From sober corporate shades to a rainbow of gaudy colors; the entire spectrum of colors is there.  World-class designers conceptualize the uniforms and make them stylish and chic as much as possible. After all, it creates a long-lasting impression about the airlines.

Gone are those days when airlines used gaudy colors and bizarre prints in Air hostess uniforms, just to attract male eyes. Around 50 years ago, air hostess uniforms were disgustingly sexy and awkward. They were designed to please the passengers. However, the times have changed, and we are more balanced and mature in terms of gender equality. Today, style and comfort are the only deciding factors.  People look at air hostesses as working professionals, and there is respect and admiration for their job. Corporate policies have become stringent, and even the slightest traces of indecent motives receive disciplinary action.

Sophistication and glamour make today’s uniforms smart

It is not that airlines do not consider the importance of uniforms. Rather, today many airlines want their airhostesses to shine prominently in the crowd of competitive airlines.  There are example airline companies like Etihad that introduced smart and highly impressive uniforms designed by world-famous Italian designers. The pattern is a stunning combination of modern dressing, glimpses of the 60’s and 70’s of Paris, and a flavor of contemporary fashion.  The dressing style brings out the true characteristics of Etihad Airlines and their corporate policies. People get the feel of their supreme customer care and high levels of hospitality.

 Air hostess Uniforms


As per the airlines, they want to showcase the brand more impressively, and the change in the design of their Air hostess uniforms is just one dimension f it. The company wants to be recognized as the world leader in terms of service quality and a commitment to the excellence. It wants to make sophistication as the signature attribute of the airlines.

Atlas Infiniti Air Hostess Uniforms

Not only style and looks are the factors that force airlines to revisit the designs of Air hostess uniforms. Establishing the ethos and richness of the culture are also prominent factors.  Along with a good design, the perfection of workmanship is also incredibly important. Reputed uniform suppliers like Atlas Infiniti who believes in delivering excellence always convert imaginative designs into the reality. With a tremendous focus on supreme quality, they come out with incomparable products. Outfits produced are as per user specifications, and the standards are much beyond expectations.