So many pretty ladies want to work in the airline sector. It’s just so cool to fly and see new places that too for free. As we all know airlines especially the ones in spice jet, jet airways, go air etc. want doll like faces and perfect bodies. But what after a pretty face and a perfect body?

Surely the next important part of an Air hostess’s life is the outfit worn by them. Airlines are very strict about the dress codes, which is why proper attention to dress pattern which includes quality, comfort and much more should be taken care of.

There are some parameters on which Air hostess dress pattern is measured.

  • Colorfastness
  • Durability
  • Shrinkage
  • Comfort

Above mentioned are some of the parameters which are being looked by any purchaser of an Air hostess dresses. Therefore it is the duty as well as responsibility of a manufacturer to provide the uniforms for Air hostess with above mentioned parameters.

There are many manufacturers providing certain uniforms for certain purposes. Here we are talking about Atlas Infiniti, the perfect manufacturer who provides Air Hostess dresses with above mentioned parameters as well as develops a good customer relationship. Let us see how Atlas Infiniti focuses on some of these parameters-

  • Colorfastness– The main focus of an Air Hostess is to look attractive and disciplined. Attractiveness is a thing which is a mixture of an individual’s personality as well as how attractive their appearance is. In any dress or uniform the colorfastness and color contrast decides their attractiveness level. The Air Hostess dress pattern should be of colors which gives an attractive look. The colors should not look dull. Atlas Infiniti manufactures Air hostess dresses with fine colorfastness and contrast.
  • Durability– Durability of any dress whether it is of Air Hostess or any other profession, is the thing which is decided on the basis of quality provided by the manufacturing. Quality of any material decides its durability. When the dress is of good quality it will be long lasting and when the quality is not so good then it will not be that durable. Air hostess dress pattern also includes durability of their dress. They have to fly all over the world, their clothes should be durable. Atlas Infiniti provides worth quality dresses.
  • Comfort– Besides colorfastness and durability provided by the dress, the main thing which is considered important is the comfort provided by it. Air Hostess’s job is a very tiring and hard-working job. They have to stand all day in flights and move to different places. They expect their dresses to be comfortable enough so as to provide a support to their job profile. Atlas Infiniti manufactures Air Hostess dress pattern in such a way that they provide the utmost comfort to them while performing their job.

Atlas Infiniti is the best manufacturer in providing the best for all. We not only provide Air Hostess dresses with good colorfastness, durability and comfort but also we manufacture uniforms with such fine materials so that shrinkage does not take place.

Our team of expertise and well trained employees provides a perfect combination of Air hostess dress patterns. Contact us!