Covid-19 has hit many industries hard, especially aviation. As the world is getting geared up, the aviation industry is coming back to their earlier swing and we’re here to help them with the same. Aviation uniforms can hold a lot of value. It reflects the airline’s brand identity, their preferences and consumer psychology. As you prepare for people showing up at the airports again and trusting you with their travelling experience, you do need to invest in proper aviation uniforms. Here are some aspects of the same: 

Male Pilot Uniforms:

Earlier, pilot uniforms included bomber jackets, brown goggles and leather flying helmets, owing to the recent World War experiences, but not anymore. Now, they represent professionalism blended well with affable nature. With epaulets, hat and tie – our male pilot uniforms will represent everything your airline stands for. It will mark your authority in the industry and lend a stylish, smart appearance to your pilots. 

Female Pilot Uniforms:

Women are giving an equal competition to men in every industry, including aviation. Keeping in mind the same, and supporting the idea we design female pilot uniforms that nicely fit to their body and add a smart appearance to their look. 

Pilot Shirts:

A pilot shirt, both male and female, should look clean, neat and crisp. We have unique fit styles in a range of fabrics and sizes so we can find the one that your pilots find the most comfort in. A well-fitting shirt forms the basis of a professional and presentable appearance. Made with the most snug fabrics and pleasant styles, pilot shirts made by Atlas Infiniti might be the best set of shirts you own. Refined through years of experience and feedback, you’ll fall in love with our custom-made pilot shirts. 

Regulation Uniform Ties:

A tie, no matter when you sport it, adds a touch of professionalism to your outfit instantly. And that’s what ties in aviation signifies as well. When someone travels by plane, they expect to reach their destination on time. They want their time to be honored well by the airlines. To assure the same, a simple yet powerful garment like tie can work well. Customers feel confident when they are travelling with someone who can radiate professionalism with their personal appearance.  


A sharp pair of glasses can add a professional touch to any uniform and can be used by a flight attendant or an airfield engineer, but the one that it helps the most is a pilot. The right pair of sunglasses can help protect pilot’s eyes from harsh sunlight, protect their ocular tissue and decrease eye fatigue. All of them contribute to a better vision, and thus a safer flight. Our especially designed sunglasses collection, in varied styles, can help add protection to your customers and add a branding style statement to your pilot’s uniforms. 

Plane Socks:

As a part of a professional uniform, socks play an important role. They make your footwear more comfortable and add a comfort attribute to your look. For pilots, the socks are generally quarter or low cut, but for air hostesses who wear skirts, we create over-the-knee socks in a color and style that fits their uniform. 

Aviation Sweaters or Jackets:

Airlines generally travel throughout the world, where the temperatures can drop and weather can be very different. In that case, when your employees would want to layer up, you’d still want them to look clean and sharp. Enter our versatile and quality-built sweaters and jackets. Made with sleek yet warm material, they will keep you warm while offering a flattering fit to your uniform. 

Air Hostess Uniforms:

An air hostess uniform should represent a welcoming, approachable person so people feel at ease while talking to them. Keeping the same in mind, a modern flight attendant uniform can be anything: from skirts and shirts to trousers and blouses. Now-a-days, most airlines are trying to represent their native culture with their air hostess outfits. Like Virgin Atlantic has bright red suits and Thai Airways have silk outfits tied in Thai style. 


We cater to the needs of pilots, air hostesses and ground staff, making sure all have a smart professional appearance at work in perfectly comfortable wear. From designing the outfits to delivering them on time, we offer custom solutions to each client. On site, we offer the latest fabrics and styles, improved with constant feedback to provide you uniforms that will last well and your employees will love. 

All our uniform packages, including aviation, come with a personalisation option, so the employers can find a suitable option allying with their brand guidelines and corporate identity. We understand your airline business basis can be completely different from others – and so we will guide you through the entire process, as we have our other clients. Contact us today to start the process of your uniquely designed aviation uniforms.