Hotel Uniforms are necessary to gain a reputation in the industry and attain a unity attribute among your employees. While there are many aspects of a business anyone who runs a hotel chain should work on, like customer service or cleanliness, even hotel uniforms play a key role in establishing your brand. Any big hotel chains you’ll enter, you’ll likely see all the employees clad in proper uniforms. Chefs with hats and aprons, waiters/ waitresses in their neat trousers and serving aprons, hospitality in their especially designed hospitality clothing, etc. 

But getting good hotel uniforms – the one that fits the needs of your business and most importantly, branding rarely comes easy. You need to find a company that offers a seamless designing process and creates quality material outfits that reflect your business qualities the best. We, at Atlas Infiniti, offer just that. 

Chef Wear:

Everyone knows that chefs wear a different uniform than all the other employees, whether it’s in an independent restaurant or a hotel. The ones that differentiates them the most is their hat and the aprons. Inside the kitchen, the sous chef and the head chef will also have different hats. Keeping standard procedure of chef’s ensemble in mind, we design a full workwear for your chef staff aligning with the needs of your hotel restaurants. Here are three main chef’s clothing we offer:

  • Chef Jackets: A standard white coat is worn by chefs to respect the high regard of their profession. Even senior kitchen staff wear white uniforms to signify the cleanliness of their jobs. The coats are generally designed with thick material to protect the chefs from heat and spillage. 
  • Chef Hats: Dated to the 16th century, a hat mainly prevents hair falling into the food. However, they quickly became the signature for their work and different sizes were assigned depending on the role of someone in the kitchen.  
  • Chef Neckerchiefs: A neckerchief is generally made of soft, absorbent material to soak up any sweat and prevent dripping. They help them stay cool in a warm kitchen. 
  • Bib Aprons: A long, wide apron protects the chef from any stains and spillage and further spills their dress. Our aprons are designed to cover maximum impact so their uniform isn’t spoiled. 

Catering Staff:

Catering staff requires a uniform that’s comfortable, professional and practical – all at the same time. Most of your guests will be flocking to restaurants, because all of us love our food. So, it’s crucial that the catering staff’s uniforms are sorted well. 

  • Catering Workwear: A complete costume for your servers.
  • Serving Aprons: A garment that covers the front so as to protect the uniform from any stains. 

Apart from these two divisions, there are also receptionists, desk managers and hospitality staff. Here’s a brief of what all we offer for them: 

Trousers: All staff members will wear different trousers; a receptionist will wear a formal one while someone from hospitality will don a semi-formal to keep comfort while working. We offer a set of trousers with each department’s workwear. 

Tabards: A tabard apron is an easy removal apron that’s generally worn by servers, but can be a useful garment for any of your staff. 

Money Pockets: A branded money pocket aligning with your company’s branding is a small yet significant addition to your hotel uniform. 

Shoes: Smart shoes, protective shoes or formal shoes – we have different varieties for different hotel staff. 

Waist Aprons and Bistro Aprons: A waist apron is generally worn by a kitchen worker or a restaurant server. And a bistro apron is worn by waiting and hospitality staff as it goes beyond your waist. We offer both based on the deliverables required. 

Jackets and server tunics: A full ensemble solution for your worker staff as a part of your hotel uniforms. Made in different styles, so you can find the one that fits your employees best. 

How can Atlas Infinit help you with Hotel uniforms? 

With a wide range of products in our hotel uniforms section like chef hats, different aprons, tabards, catering workwear, waiters uniforms and tabards – our team can offer you an overall solution for whatever your hotel uniform demands. We’ve previously helped many hotel chains in Mumbai with the same, and can offer you a smooth manufacturing strategy and give you the best quality workwear that enhances the appearance of your hotel staff. By choosing our service, you will have a hotel uniform that’ll increase your employees confidence, boost the brand awareness and increase the work output. 

We have advanced solutions in place to guide your company through the design and manufacture of work wear. Based on your demands, we will be able to develop a highly affordable and reliable solution. In the process, we will also ensure to set pricing that offers you high-quality workwear while being budget-friendly. Our highly meticulous production technique fortifies best results in less time. 

Moreover, we also help our clients with world-class branding solutions. Branding is the single most thing that will help retain current customers and gain more. Aligning with the same, we have a full team on board dedicated to different elements of the process. So, leave all your worry of planning, selection and preparation of hotel uniforms on us. Just outline us the main idea, and we assure you a delivery that’s perfect, accurate and trustable – all in one.